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    The Secret to Developing Rich Flavors in Vegan Thai Cuisine: Homemade Broth

    April 15

    Hello Readers, Today I am so excited to have Eden from The Road to the Good Life hosting our Tasty Tuesday! Eden is our second guest blogger of the month & boy does she have a delicious recipe for all of you! Her blog mainly talks about her home {she also lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco}, Food, including thai cuisine, yum!, family and fashion. Her blog focuses on living your life to the fullest, with less stuff and more…

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    Dried lavender herb and essential aromatherapy oil.

    Incorporating Essential Oils into a Wellness Routine

    April 09

    Good morning my loves! Today is another exciting day, we have our first guest blogger of the month here to talk about essential oils. This is always a fun topic & there is so much to learn it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But not to worry, because our friend Megan from Noble & Pond is going to tell us how to incorporate these into our lives for a healthier you! Don’t forget to check out her fun blog when…

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    Third Eye Chakra | Meditation Monday

    April 07

    Today I look out my window and see life. Spring is here! I love the sound of neighborhood birds chirping and the vast amounts of greens all dripping from last night’s rain. I’m sure you can imagine me sitting at my kitchen table in the early hours with a nice hot cup of infused champagne oolong tea {yum}. ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ “Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know.” -Anthony J. D’Angelo ❤ ॐ❤…

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    Spring Weight Loss – A Reminder

    April 02

    Happy spring!  I cannot adequately explain how elated I am to have warm weather!  I hope y’all are enjoying the weather and spending time with loved ones.  That’s why I want to keep today’s post short and sweet.  Instead of reading, try to sneak outside for just a bit. Since, the warm weather has arrived so has the realization that swimsuit season is right around the corner.  The topic of weight loss is back atop the charts.   This is…

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    Vegan Fried Rice

    Vegan Fried Rice

    April 01

    Hello loves, Wow…I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks!! Big things have happened in the meantime. For those of you who don’t know me on a personal level I am about to fill you in. ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” -Omar Khayyam ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ When Shane & I got back together {post about our past soon to come!} I moved in with him immediately…fast I know…but when…

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    My Struggle to Breastfeed | Family Fridays

    March 28

    Hello my loves! Today is exciting because we are hosting our second guest blogger of the month!! Cris Stone, from Kiss my Bump, is going to host our Family Friday today. Her blog is all about parenting, being a momma & being a momma on a budget!! So all you mommies, papas & future parents…make sure after you read this post you go check her blog out & show her some love!  Namaste.   I’m going to start this off by…

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